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As the Wheel Turns * Spring Equinox Sunrise

As the Wheel turned into the time of the Spring Equinox, I arrived with my partner, Alastair, on the magical Island of Iona.

I had been looking forward to this 'holiday' for many reasons.

First of all for myself, because I really needed a break and time to connect with Goddess, the Land, myself and Alastair!

Secondly I had longed to come back here for about 25 years and, so it was about time! Thirdly I wanted to feel into how to work on the Isle of Iona as part of the 3rd year of the Priest/ess of Brighde Training!

The time on the Island was more magical as I could have imagined and all of the three goals were more than achieved!

It was a truly time of finding Balance, connecting with Her Fires and welcoming a new Springtime in my life!

I just want to share this little (25 mins) film with you, which I made of one of the wonderful sunrises we witnessed, so to give you a glimpse of the magic of Iona.... it could easily take you into another

mindset.... I hope you will enjoy it!

Bright Spring Blessings! Marion Brigantia

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