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Inspired to Heal    
The Elemental Goddess Healing works deeply with
The Celtic Goddess of Healing: Brighde, Brighid, Bride;
Her four elements, the transformative energies of Love and Light.
The Elemental Goddess (Brighde) Healing has been channelled and
developed by Marion Brigantia and Georgiana Gibbins and taught as part of the
Priest/ess of Brighde-Brigantia training. The healing has been adapted and is
as such also taught as a stand-alone course.
The Healing combines Healing Touch, Sound and Body Work.
The healing also moves through the clients Four Energetic Layers:
the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical body.
What is different about the Brighde Healing, is that it is an interactive healing.
The client will be asked to be present and partake in the healing
for the first part of the healing, until at the end they can surrender
into Her healing love and immerse themselves
in the healing energies of Brighde.
The Elemental Goddess (Brighde) Healing is an accredited/certified (IICT)
healing and can be offered by Priest/esses of Brighde.
It is now offered as a stand along training so more healers
can work with the amazing elemental energies of Brighde,
The great Celtic Goddess of Healing!
Course days:
A new course will be arranged when
there is enough (min 4) interest.
You can also book me to teach this
at your own venue.

The weekend will run:
Saturday-Sunday: 10am - 5pm
with an hour break for lunch and coffee/tea breaks

The fee for the full course

including the case studies and certification :
For further information or bookings,
please contact:

Thanks! Message sent.

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