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In my work as a priestess I always try to create a sacred and safe space for all

who I work with, for this I apply values and qualities that I feel are congruent

with the energy of Goddess.


When I was introduced by Lynne Sedgmore in the Luminary Leadership training to the SCARF model by David Rock (2008), I recognised a lot of the values I already worked with.

To make it even more suited to the spiritual context I developed it further into a model more suitably named the SACRED model (Marion van Eupen, 2019) 

Please find the model below. There are two versions, the first gives a diverse spiritual expression of the qualities, the second more specific Goddess orientated expressions. 
The model is now used in spiritual organisations and trainings and also features in Lynne Sedgmore's book. 

If you want to use the model for your work and teachings, please contact me directly

and I can send you you the PDF or JPG of the model. Please always refer to me when

using the model. Thank you!

I hope and trust that this SACRED model will assist you

to foster a safe and sacred work environment.

Bright Blessings,
Marion 'Brigantia' van Eupen

SACRED Leadership and spiritual expressi
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