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On the journey through life there are many moments to celebrate special events.
By celebrating in a ritual or ceremonial way you can make these events even more meaningful, life changing and memorable!
I offer a personal approach (for many spiritual paths) in assisting with the preparation and facilitating the celebration of these ceremonies.
I do this by taking you through the possibilities, implementing your personal ideas and wishes and finally preparing for and leading the ceremony.
HANDFASTING  Celebrating and consolidating the love between two people in
a beautiful and profound way completely made to fit your wishes,
it is your day after all!
(from £250);
(also called: Baby Naming) 
Welcoming a new born in your life and in the world, which could include for instance blessings by loved ones, name giving 
and 'baptising' ritual.
(from £150);
Marking the important step
into a next phase in life, either for boys/girls into
man/womanhood (menarche).
Or other significant times 
in someone's life
(like a special birthday, Honouring of a Queen/King, Crone
or Elder etc).
(from £100)
Honouring of a loved one who has passed over, celebrating their life and saying farewell  in a profound, respectful and personal way.
(from £250);
Cleansing and blessing a new home, by bringing in your personal energie(s), intentions and wishes. (from £100);
You can contact me to find out
how I can make your life's event
even more special.
Let me know your ideas and
I will weave it into a beautiful
tapestry of celebration!

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