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Intuitive Oracle Readings
The word Oracle comes from the Latin verb ōrāre, which means "to speak" and this referred in ancient times to a priestess speaking wisdom or predictions.
To receive an oracle is an
ancient way to connect with
your own inner wisdom. 
You tap into your inner wisdom, the part of you that knows
your truth, fears, needs
and challenges.
During the reading I will guide you intuitively as Oracle Priestess, connecting deeply with Goddess and with you through the cards. In this way
you will be guided towards
an answer to your query so to help you journey further on your life’s path.
£30 (half hour)
£50 (1 hour) 
Brighid Healing
(certified by IICT)
This Healing works deeply with
The Goddess of Healing: Brighid,
Mother of the Four Elements
as represented in the
Brighid Cross.
This Spiritual Healing works
with Brighde’s transformative energies of Love and Light 
and combines Healing Touch,
Sound and Body Work.
The Brighde Healing is
an interactive Healing
which moves through
Four Energetic Layers:
the spiritual body,
the emotional body,
the mental body
and physical body.
A profound healing method developed as part of the
Priest/ess of Brighde trainings.
£50 (1 hour)
You can make an appointment with me
for an Intuitive Oracle Reading or a Brighid Healing
if/when you are visiting Glastonbury.
I offer 'walk in' Readings and Healings
at Goddess House in the Centre of Town
on Wednesdays or we can make an appointment
for any time that suits you.
If you are not in the opportunity to come to Glastonbury, I also offer readings with the use
of Skype or Telephone!

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