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a stand-alone fully online
 six-month training

With six webinar days, workbook & practices!

Brighde-Brigantia is known as the Goddess of Fire, more specifically as the Goddess of the Triple Fire. As a result of working with Brighde-Brigantia and experiencing Her Archetypes, I found however that each of Her Archetypes – Maiden, Lover, Mother, Queen and Crone - has their own Fire; Hence Brighde as the Goddess of the Five-fold Fires,

which cumulate into one (your) Soul Fire!

During this training we will be working with these 5 fires,

which each consist of 4 flames:

  • the wounded flame – that which diminishes your fire 

  • the healing flame – that which is the medicine to (re)kindle your fire

  • the gift flame – that which you can receive from that fire

  • the gratitude flame – that which will keep your fire alight


Like all the work that we do with Brighde-Brigantia, this training is offering a way in our ongoing journey towards wholeness, in which we (with Her help) can shed more and more light on our pathways, within and without.


This training leads to becoming a Fire Keeper of Brighde-Brigantia. This training will be partially online, partially correspondence, with the online Zoom meetings.

Between the training days you will be working individually with practices around tending each archetypal fire, through practices, experiential and ceremonial exercises. There will also be a (secret) Facebook group set up for interaction with others.

The course will start again in the Autumn of 2024
Please email me for more information:
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