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I am Marion van Eupen, mostly known by my priestess name:
Marion Brigantia.

I am a Priestess of Brighde-Brigantia, Avalon, Goddess and all of Her Nature.
In 2009 I finally moved from The Netherlands to Glastonbury, where
I now live with my partner and
work as full-time Priestess.
In the Netherlands, I use to train priestesses through the Dutch Goddess Temple and co-organised the Dutch Goddess Conferences.
In Avalon/Glastonbury I serve 
Goddess through what I tend to call: Priestessing for You - as my work is all about being in service to Goddess as well to the people who come here and to me to connect with the Land and Goddess. 

To be a full-time priestess means holding many strands of priestessing, such as the Teacher of the Brighde-Brigantia Trainings (in Avalon and online), Workshop Facilitator, Ceremonial Priestess, Healer,
Sacred Tour and Walks Guide, Temple Priestess, Interpersonal Mediator, Priestess Drummer and author.
In 2016 we took over the organisation and holding of The Goddess Conference, an amazing gathering which takes place around Lammas (1st August) every year in Glastonbury. Organising such a beautiful, global Goddess event, together with my priestess sister Katinka Soetens, is a true joy!

Through my love and devotion for and service to Goddess, it is my intention and wish to bring Her Love and Light, Wisdom, Healing and Abundance into the world and into people’s lives.

I will therefore be looking forward to 'Priestessing for You!' 

With her ​deep passion and love for Mother Nature, Marion was a valuable teacher to me in the
period I took my
first steps on my way
to the Goddess.
-Lenneke, The Netherlands

Marion has a wonderful connection to Bridghid
and her passion for this spiritual work is like
a beam of Her 
golden sunlight.
-Laskhmi Westwood, UK

The healing session with Marion was very important and transforming for me! She allowed an old, ugly shadow to come up and be transformed. It was a deep and touching experience. 
-Julia Fischer, Germany

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Everything was so normal and clear from Marion, that it made me felt like  
I was at home.
I felt Marion as part of
my beautiful experience
in Avalon.
-David Martin, Spain

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