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with Marion Brigantia
One of my passions is connecting with The Land, with Her nature, Her energies and with Her stories. Walking the land for me is connecting with Goddess, Mother Earth and all Her elements, but it is also about facilitating you to connect with Her, yourself and the Land.
Examples of Avalon Walks:
  • 7 Gates of Avalon * ceremonial day walk with ritual and assignments at every ethereal gate of Avalon!
  • Holy Grail trail * connecting with myths and legends from Arthur, Mary Magdalene to Goddess in you!
  • Avalon trail * walking where the Priestesses of Avalon ones walked, visiting the Orchard, Tor and Egg Stone!
  • Sacred Trees * Avalon's trees have stories to tell. On this walk we will connect and listen to the wisdom the old and wise trees of Avalon hold of times and places beyond the veil!
  • Priestesses of Avalon Experience * A magical half-day, walking in the footsteps of the Priestesses of Avalon of the past, present and future! The experience includes the telling of myths and legends as well as visusalisations at specific places taking you through the 'Mists of Avalon'.
Walks start from £75
(the final price depends on the length of the walk and the number of people)
       Bride Tours are tours and retreat I organise
       which have a special connection with 
       These tours & retreats will generally take               place once a year at specific dates!
  • Brighid, Goddess and Saint trail * journeying with Brighid in Avalon-Glastonbury, UK - connecting with the Land, Her Swan, Brighid's Well, and Brides Mound!
  • Bride of the Isles * Iona Retreat * Iona is a truly magical and elemental place at the edge of the Western Isles of Scotland. The island is part of an archipelago called 'The Hebrides' - the Isles of Bride! In 2022 the retreat takes place:  NEDERLANDS RETREAT Zondag 5 - Vrijdag 9 Mei 2025  Spirituele vakantie reizen  
 Contact me for further information,
dates and prices
You can find myth and legend and the energy of the ancient ones all over the Isles of Brigit, the British Isles! There are dragon lines, healing wells, stone circles in all sizes that link the earth with the skies, sacred white horses, burial mounds, long barrows and many more magical places to discover and to experience.
It is also possible to combine different walks or create your own with my assistance...

Contact me to see what is possible!
Examples of tours in the South West: 
  • Circles of Life * visit to Stonehenge (in our outside opening hours) and Avebury Stone Circle
  • Avebury's Sacred Landscape * visiting the great Stone circle as well as West Kennet Long Barrow and Silbury Hill (can be combined with visit to Museum in Devizes)
  • Ancestral Dartmoor * A personal experience on the sacred and wild land of Dartmoor, visiting beautifully preserved examples of how the Ancestors lived, worked and celebrated.
  • Mystical Cornwall * a visit to north Cornwall to the Arthurian site of Tintagel Castle and the magical nature temple of St. Nectan's Glen
However you can always create your own tours  as far as the south of Cornwall, Wales or to other well known places like for instance Uffington White Horse and Wayland's Smithy, Stoney Littleton, Bath, Tintagel and Bostcastle... 
Tours start from £150
(the final price depends on the destination, transport, entrances and the number of people)
In all my walks and tours I work with Her energy as Priestess of Goddess, Avalon and Brighde, through visualisations, ceremony, drumming etc.  Every walk and tour is bespoke and unique and the journey depends mostly on your personal intention.
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