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​Working with Goddess
is an ongoing journey
of discovery and creation!
Through the years
She has inspired me
to explore my creativity,
guiding me with imagery 
and words
so to create beauty
and bring healing
into Her World.
This resulted
in more to share with you...
Brigantia book front cover.png

A collection of stories, songs and poetry working with the energy of Brigantia. Goddess and Lady of the the ancient

Celtic lands.

The collection is created as project

of the 3rd year training of

the Priest/ess of Brighde-Brigantia


Costs: £7.50

(postage in the UK: £2.50 - included in PayPal button)
(Postage outside UK - tba)

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Vlindergodin cover.jpg

An enchanting, magical coming of age

story of Maud, a Dutch girl visiting her grandmother in Wales, whose life

is transformed when she enters the

fairy realm. 

A spiritual quest to the Butterfly Goddess

on the land of Albion, 

Only available in Dutch (for now)

Costs: € 8.07 on

Kindle/ebook only


As Priestess of Brigantia, I connect

deeply with the energy of this sovereign Goddess, also known as Britannia,

Bride, Brighid, Brighde.

Reclaiming Her name as Protectress

and Peaceful Mother Goddess

of these Isles.

Costs: £3 * postcard and envelope

(postage in the UK: included)
(Postage outside UK - tba)

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This oracle set gives you to opportunity to connect with the wisdom of the Nine Morgens, the 9 sisters who live beyond the veils on the Isle of Avalon. 

Based on poetry by Priestesses of Avalon, with orginal art and oracle wisdom by Marion Brigantia.


Costs: £12 * postcard and envelope

(postage in the UK: £3 included in PayPal button)
(Postage outside UK - tba)

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A journey from the Netherlands to Avalon

My personal journey from

The Netherlands to the Isle of Avalon

A story of death and rebirth, based on the journey of Innana into the underworld, this mystical tale tells the story about living the Glastonbury experience; a story of letting go and surrender and coming out on the other side, enriched by the experience, 

Costs: £2.50 as Ebook *  £7.50 printed

(postage in the UK: £2.50)
(Postage outside UK - tba)

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