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​Working with Goddess
is an ongoing journey
of discovery and creation!
Through the years
She has inspired me
to explore my creativity,
guiding me with imagery 
and words
so to create beauty
and bring healing
into Her World.
This resulted
in more to share with you...

Nine ancient myths unravelled, aspects discussed and woven anew as nine more Pagan orientated stories about Brigid, a remarkable woman living in times of great spiritual change. I hope they will inspire you and entice you to question, to investigate, to explore and to open your mind as well as your heart! BOOK LAUNCH: Saturday 27th July 2024 2-4pm Glastonbury


A collection of stories, songs and poetry around Brigantia as Goddess and Lady of the ancient Celtic lands. This collection is created by the Priestesses of Brigantia and Priest of Brigantia. Costs: £7.50 (postage in the UK ad £2.50 - outside the UK for £5).

A journey from the Netherlands to Avalon COVER

My journey from The Netherlands to the Isle of Avalon A story of death and rebirth based on Innana's journey to the netherworld, this mythical tale tells the story about living the Glastonbury experience, a story of letting go, going though difficult times and coming out richer on the other side. 30 pages. £2.45 as Ebook £6 printed (excl. postage) or free PDF if you subscribe to my email list.

Vlindergodin E-boek

The enchanting story of Maud, a Dutch girl visiting her grandmother in Wales, whose life is transformed when she enters the fairy realm. She finds herself on a quest from the heart of Wales to the Isle of Avalon to find the Butterfly Goddess, who is the only one who can help her survive... On her travels she encounters Goddesses and magical creatures who assist her with her journey in one way or the other. 145 pages Only available in Dutch (for now...) Ebook only * € 8.07 on

Morgen Oracle Set

The magical sisterhood of the Nine Morgens This oracle set gives you the opportunity to connect with the wisdom of the Nine Morgens. The Morgens are the Nine Sisters who live behind the veils on the Isle of Avalon of which Morgen La Fey is the most famous, known as sister of the legendary King Arthur. Based on poetry by priestess of Avalon, with original art and oracle wisdom by Marion Brigantia £12.50 (£15 incl. postage within the UK - please contact me for postage costs outside UK)


Britannia Card As priestess of Brighde, Brigantia, Britannia, I have started to work more and more with the Her-story and Energy of the Islands of Britannia. Reclaiming Her name as Protectress and Peaceful Mother Goddess of these Isles, She is the ultimate Freadiar! Postcard and envelope £ 3.75 (postage costs included)

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