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As the Wheel Turns * Solstice Blessings

Last Thursday we went to a talk by Steve Marshall about the Voice of the Ancestors. It inspired us to visit Stoney Littleton and to feel into this (for us) new way of communicating with the Ancestors.

Stoney Littleton Long Barrow is aligned with the Winter Solstice Sunrise, just like New Grange in Ireland, but unlike New Grange, you can still be all alone in this Long Barrow and sit in silence and darkness with the Ancestors...

It was an amazing sacred act to move from silence and to tone with our voice, sitting deep in the Womb Space of the Barrow. It also felt really ancient to spin the Bullroarer outside and feeling the vibrations filling the dark space. A real connection was made...

This little film is a compilation of our time spent there, opening ourselves to the Dreamtime in which the Ancestors whisper to us and we open ourselves to the New Light arriving...


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