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Priestess/Priest of
trainings in Avalon
Marion Brigantia
I have been working with Brighde-Brigantia
in Avalon (Glastonbury UK) for over 10 years
and have developed a number of teachings
which allow you to connect deeply with Her.

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for more information.


Online Intro Course:

31st Dec 21 - 9 Jan 2022

Endings & New Beginnings

The Celtic Wheel




10 days - 5 lessons - 1 journey 

exploring Brighde-Brigantia's 

Wheel of the Year!


During this 10 day course you will receive 5 lessons which include videos of Marion introducing each part of this course, spoken visualisations and written materials, including 1 exercise with each part to connect on a personal level!


This lovely course could be a taster for a longer and deeper journey with Brighde-Brigantia, or will offer you an experience, that will provide you insight in this wonderful world of Goddess!


Prebooked only - £19 only

Booking through: marionbrigantia@outlook.com

More info: 

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For 2022-23 the 1st year of the Brighde-Brigantia training will be taught as a mixed-media course, with the full training as an online/correspondence course (£270 if you sign up before 1st January 2022)
the opportunity to join the training in Glastonbury as stand-alone weekends
(for just £90 per weekend)!
                                                                                                                                             Read more in the leaflet below! 
All pictures by Helen Mask