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one-year training

Brighde-Brigantia is known as the Goddess of Fire, more specifically as the Goddess of the Triple Fire. As a result of working with Brighde-Brigantia and experiencing Her Archetypes, I found however that each of Her Archetypes – Maiden, Lover, Mother, Queen and Crone - has their own Fire; Hence Brighde as the Goddess of the Five-fold Fires!

During this training we will be working with these 5 fires,

which each consist of 4 flames:

  • the wounded flame – that which diminishes your fire 

  • the healing flame – that which is the medicine to (re)kindle your fire

  • the gift flame – that which you can receive from that fire

  • the gratitude flame – that which will keep your fire alight


Like all the work that we do with Brighde-Brigantia, this training is offering a way in our ongoing journey towards wholeness, in which we (with Her help) can shed more and more light on our pathways, within and without.


This training leads to becoming a Flame Keeper of Brighde-Brigantia. This training will be partially online, partially correspondence, with the online Zoom meetings (10am – 4pm) on the following days: 


1. Sunday 21st February 2021        *          Maiden Fire

2. Sunday 18th April 2021               *          Lover Fire

3. Sunday 27th June 2021               *          Mother Fire

4. Sunday 19th September 2021     *          Queen Fire

5. Sunday 21st November 2021      *          Crone Fire

6. Saturday 29th January 2022        *          Initiation (Evening)


Between the training days you will be working individually with practices around tending each archetypal fire, through practices, experiential and ceremonial exercises. There will also be a (secret) Facebook group set up for interaction with others.

The course will start in
February 2021
Costs are: £275 - including material
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